How To Make Friendship Bracelets

For years, friendship bracelets have been a very famous craft and often presented as a token of friendship. It is quite easy how to make a friendship bracelet using three to six colors of braiding rope or more. There are different types of knots to use in making bracelets. And, using different styles and colors of strings or threads, you can surely create a very nice souvenir that is inexpensive and less hassle.

Few materials you need on how to make a friendship bracelet:

  • Hemp
  • Clipboards
  • Yardsticks
  • Scissors
  • Braiding Floss
  • Beads

Step 1: Choose a design

a. The first step on how to make a friendship bracelet is to choose a design you desire. Use more than one color so that you can create a striped effect. About 8 to 10 strands can make your friendship bracelet more beautiful and colorful.
b. You can choose either of the 2 simple patterns: the round bracelet and the flat bracelet.
c. Cut the strings depending on the pattern you choose and desired finished length. However, from 25 inches to 3 feet long is the usual length.
d. Gather your strings up so that the ends will meet. With an overhand knot, tie the strings together nearly 3 inches from the end.
e. Attach the strings or threads the clipboard.

Step 2: Knotting

Another difficult part on how to make a friendship bracelet is learning the double half-hitch knot.
To do this, tie one string around another string or set of strings (we’ll call those strings B)

a. Wrap string A around string B twice using a double half-hitch knot.
b. Start with string A to the left of string B.
c. Hold string B tight in your non-dominant hand.
d. Pass string A in front and to the right of string, leaving a small loop thus resembling the number “4.”
e. Bring the end of string A back in front of string B and through the loop.
f. Keep holding string B taut and pull on string A until the knot is tight.
g. Repeat the process.

Step 3: Create the Body

How to make a friendship bracelet that is flat shaped

a. Tie your leftmost string around each other string, moving from left to right.
b. Repeat knot until you get to the end of the row. This results to a horizontal band or stripes in the color of your first string.
c. Choose the leftmost string and repeat steps a and b. The result: a second horizontal stripe.
d. Repeat steps a, b and c until the bracelet has achieved the desired length.

Step 4: Finish Your Bracelet

A funny part about how to make a friendship bracelet is when you run out of strings, which means you’re done! Finish it off by tying off your beautifully created bracelet using a simple overhand knot.