How to Make Plexiglas Windows for Deer Stands

A deer stand is a highly sophisticated amenity used to hunt down deer and other wildlife animals. With technology came along easier methods of hunting, one of which was the windows plexiglas. Using this the hunter is granted access to actually get a clear view of their subject beast without being seen by it. Amazing I know, but why spend $1000 for such a tool when you can make it yourself? Its easy! I’ll show you how.

Required Materials

  • Plexiglas
  • Sliding Aluminum Window Frames

Required Tools

  • Safety Glasses
  • Paint & Paint Brush (optional)
  • Measuring Tape
  • Drill, Screwdriver and nails


  1. Determine the size of the window – It is advised that try to get plexiglas windows if you are planing on building a deer stand. It is also a possibility, however, that a pre – existing deer stand can be fitted using plexiglas windows just the same. For best results place plexiglas windows on all four sides of the deer stand. To do this you will need to first determine the sizes of the windows so as to have the lengths ready when you go to buy the windows. This will also save you time and energy as you will not have to cut the windows yourself.
  2. Lets Begin – Now that we have determined the sizes and acquired our windows the next step will be to saw out the areas for the windows on the deer stand. Keep in mind while sawing that it is always best to have your windows at eye level to see your subject with ease. So be sure to determine initially what position you will be in when using the stand.
  3. Installing your Frames – Upon completion of sawing off your window locations the next step will be to install our frames. You may choose to use either aluminum or wooden frames. But keep in mind while deciding that using aluminum frames will give you an advantage as you will then be able to slide open the windows when required in the heat of hunting. The frames should be fixed onto the stand using a drill and nails. Remember to leave enough space to slide in your windows.
  4. Now attach your windows – As soon as you have fitted all the frames you can attach your windows by simply sliding them into place. Now you will need to do some troubleshooting to ensure that your windows are to open and close accordingly without making any noise. If successful, complete your widow fittings by fixing the open end together.


  • Consider using aluminum frames over wooden frames as aluminum frames tend tend to withstand various weather conditions hence lasting longer than the wooden frames.

    Determine the sizes of plexiglas you will need before hand so that you will not need to cut the windows yourself. This can be very dangerous and is only recommended if you are a professional.