How to Make Secret Compartments

Secret compartments are very convenient features of any piece of furniture. They allow you to hide and store items in hard-to-find places. These can be installed in a number of seemingly innocent items.

Most people place these compartments inside existing pieces of furniture. Most are placed inside an existing compartment to provide additional secret space. Bookcases, cabinets, and dressers are good examples of furniture for installing secret compartments.


Steps in Making a Secret Compartment


  1. To build a secret compartment, you first choose the furniture or object you want to build it in. Make sure that the object has enough space underneath.
  2. Acquire the materials needed: a magnetic lock and concealed hinges.
  3. Begin construction by cutting out a hatch at the bottom of the furniture with a hand-held jigsaw. Ideally, you can cut along a joint present in the actual furniture to make the cut look natural. Use the narrowest blade you can find. This would avoid obvious gaps.
  4. Use a drill to install the hinges. If you have made a small hatch, be extra careful in drilling holes around the surrounding area. Using a right-angle drill would simplify the task. You can use a jigsaw and a chisel to properly fit the hinge to the hatch.
  5. Check if the hinges move accordingly. If it does not move correctly, make the necessary adjustments. Install a small block of wood opposite the hinges. This will prevent the hatch from falling to the compartment.
  6. Attach the magnetic lock. Follow the directions indicated in the instructions. See to it that the magnet makes a tight latch.
  7. Build a box under your hatch. The dimensions of the box depend on the kind and size of the hatch and the kind of items you want to store in the compartment.