How to Measure for Replacement Windows

Measuring for replacement windows can be done with a set of relatively easy steps.

Your main goal in measuring for replacement windows is to determine the dimensions of your window. To do this, you need to get the width and the height of your window.

Steps toMeasure for Replacement Windows

  1. Measure the Width
    • Start with the width of the window. You can determine the value by getting a tape measure and pulling it from the top right to the top left corner of the window. Find the pocket where the window frame slides in and also measure the said area.
    • Find the midway point of the window and perform the same procedures in measuring it. The midway point is normally found above the area where the window locks. Next, lift the bottom sash of the window. Measure the bottom part of the said area.
    • There may be instances wherein you cannot raise the window. You can still perform the said tasks by doing them outside. But make sure that you remove the screen before measuring the window from the outside.
    • Ideally, the measurements you would get from doing these steps should be equal to one another. This will be the width of your window. However, if you are sure you did the steps correctly but you have varying measurements, take the smallest one and make it the width.

  2. Measure the Height
    • You are now ready to determine the height of your window. Measure the distance between the top right and bottom right corner of the window. Do the same in the middle and left parts. The measurements should be the same. This value is your window’s height. Take the smallest value if they are different from one another.

  3. Multiply Width with Height
    • Multiply the width with the height. This will be the measurement for your replacement window.