How to Pick a Lock with a Hairpin

A lock is a security measure placed on a door or a container. It is used to make sure that the area is not opened without a key. A key is made by matching its notches to the internal parts of the lock. The ridges on the key will be used to turn corresponding parts inside the lock to unlock it.

Keys can be lost; thus, making it hard to open the lock. Some resort to breaking the lock or even the lid or the door where the lock is installed in. One alternative way is to pick the lock using a hairpin.

A hairpin can be used to pick locks because it is thin and flexible. It can easily fit inside the keyhole and can be bent into the shape the user needs.

To pick a lock with a hairpin, you must first straighten out the hairpin. Some pins have ridges on them to better grip a person’s hair. Depending on how strong the pin is, you can straighten them out by using a specific tool or with your bare hands. Be careful not to break the pin in half.

Insert the hairpin into the keyhole. Align the pin’s ridged side with the key’s ridge side. This may vary from one lock to another so be sure to check it cautiously.

Gently turn the hairpin in the direction that the key would normally turn. This will depend on the structure of the lock. Continue applying a gentle but steady pressure as you turn the hairpin. Vary the application of the hairpin until the lock opens.

Remember not to turn the lock too much to avoid locking it back again. If it becomes locked again, slowly remove the hairpin from the lock and repeat the above steps.

When you have successfully opened the lock, carefully remove the pin to ensure that it won’t get stuck in the lock. As a final note, once the right key for the lock has been found, try using it to make sure that the lock was not damaged in the picking process.