How to Play Lacrosse

Lacrosse is a team sport that uses a rubber ball and a lacrosse stick, a racket with a long handle. The ball is about the same size as a standard baseball.In the past, the sticks are were of wood, but modern versions use metal alloys. The lacrosse stick is made up of three parts:

  • the head – located at the end of the stick and used to control the ball;
  • the mesh (a.k.a. springing) – the net inside the head that can be used to hold the ball; and
  • the shaft – the long handle of the stick, which the player holds.

Lacrosse is a full contact sport, meaning the players are allowed to engage in body contact as part of the defensive or offensive moves.

Two teams with ten people each play against each other. Each team is made up of one goalie, three defensemen, three middies, and three attackmen.

A score is gained if a ball is shot from the lacrosse stick to the goal net of the opposing team. Each game consists of four quarters. The team with the most points at the end of the game wins.

Members of the other team can take the ball away from you by hitting you with their bodies or their sticks. You can get past the other team’s defensemen by doing several types of dodges.

There are three basic moves used in the game:

  1. Cradling is practiced so that players won’t lose the ball while going against other players. This is done by placing your dominant hand on the part of the shaft closest to the head of the stick. Use your other hand to guide your stick by placing it on the butt of the shaft. Move forward while keeping the lacrosse stick steady. The goal of this is to keep moving while keeping the ball in the net.
  2. Passing allows players in the same team to transfer the balls from one another. Place your dominant hand on the middle of the shaft and the other on the end of the stick. Push your dominant hand away while pulling the other hand towards your body. This will cause the ball to jump from inside the netting and launch towards another teammate.
  3. Once the ball has been launched, another player has to catch it. To catch a ball, put your dominant hand near the head of the stick and the other near its butt. Position the netting where it will catch the ball. Once the ball is in the netting, pull the stick an inch or two toward you to prevent it from bouncing out of the stick.