How to Remove Wallpaper

Wallpaper is a kind of material used to decorate walls. This is often used as an alternative to painting walls. A special paste is used to apply them to the walls. It can come in a variety of plain, solid and mixture of colors and designs. Different paper printing styles are used to create textured patterns and designs on the paper.

Wallpaper is considered a part of the interior design of a room. If a person wants to change the look of a room, it often includes the removal or changing of wallpaper. Old wallpaper needs to be removed before new wallpaper or paint is to be put on the walls.


Strippable Wallpaper


Most wallpaper is easily “strippable.” You must test it to make sure that the kind of wallpaper you have is “strippable.” Tear a little part of your wallpaper at the topmost part of the wall with a knife. Gently pull it downward while keeping your hand very close to the wall. Do not peel it horizontally or towards you; you are increasing its likelihood to be torn. Just peel it downward; that way you will know if the wallpaper is indeed “strippable.”

“Strippable” wallpaper can be usually stripped off with constant and moderate pressure. If the wallpaper doesn’t peel, then it is “non-strippable.”


Non-Strippable Wallpaper


Make 9-inch horizontal cuts on the old wall’s surface with a knife or a razor blade. Let warm and soapy water seep into the back of the paper so the adhesive can soften. Pull the paper or softly scrape it off the walls. Continue scraping until the paper comes off. If the paper breaks, soak the area again and start scraping at another cut.

You can also use a paper remover instead of warm water. Use a mask when you spray it behind the paper because it is dangerous when inhaled.


If It Fails


You can also use an electric steamer to remove wallpaper. This small appliance is composed of a heated water tank that connects to a plate with a punctured surface through a hose. To use it, you first have to make sure that the water inside is hot.


Hold the plate facing the wall until you see the edges of the plate moisten. Start stripping, working from the top as you do so. When you have already steamed the strip halfway, peel the paper downward again. If it still doesn’t work, use a wall scraper instead.

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