How to Repair Vinyl Seats

Vinyl is an organic compound that can be used to create monomers and polymers. It is often used in a number of functions because of its durability. One of its common uses is upholstery.

Vinyl seats can be expensive. If you are just buying them to replace damaged ones, you can opt to repair your old ones instead.




  • vinyl patch piece
  • vinyl adhesive
  • vinyl color (in case your patch doesn’t match the original shade)
  1. Cut around the edges of the hole to keep it even. This will make it easier to fit the patch and stitch things together. In addition, this will allow easy visualization of the extent of damage.
  2. Get the vinyl patch. You can use one that matches the color of the seat or one with a different color. Make sure that the patch is larger than the hole so that there are no visible gaps once you finish patching.
  3. Tuck the patch into the hole. Do this slowly and gently so you don’t make the hole bigger. Spread it out evenly and make sure that you keep it smooth.
  4. Clean the vinyl pieces before putting adhesive. Do it slowly and gently to prevent tearing the vinyl further.
  5. Lift the damaged section and apply the adhesive to the patch and the original vinyl. You may use another type of glue or adhesive if you want to.
  6. Press the pieces together. Keep the pressure constant to keep the pieces from sliding off. Make sure the pressure is also gentle to prevent any gaps. Wipe away any excess adhesive to prevent stains from appearing after drying.
  7. Allow the pieces to dry for around 24 hours. Keep it dry and away from direct sunlight and heat. Water might wash the adhesive off and heat might shrink your upholstery.