How to Repair a Storm Window

After the storm season passes, and autumn sets in, home owners are desperate to repair their storm windows in preparation for the cold winter season. Repairing storm windows is a moderate to difficult job and will require some assistance.


  • Silicone spray
  • Replacement screen mount Screen
  • Screws
  • Glass or plexi-glass
  • Silicone caulking
  • Window glaze
  • Glass cleaner
  • Soap and water


  • Ice pick or scratch awl
  • Utility knife
  • Screwdrivers
  • Hammer
  • Cloths for cleaning
  • Hand held vacuum
  • Sand paper with a fine grade
  • Steel wool
  • Small bristle paint brush

Repairing glass

  1. Remove combination window carefully. If glass is broken, remove as much broken glass before taking the window out.
  2. Check form sealant around the outside edges and use a utility knife to break that seal. The combination window will come out once the broken glass and screws are removed.
  3. Remove glass holders ensuring that all the glass is removed.
  4. Use steel wool or sandpaper to clean the area where the glass will be replaced.
  5. Reinstall the new glass or plexi-glass and check the casement window to see if it needs cleaning or repairing before replacing the combination window.
  6. Clean the area where the combination will be replaced and apply caulk at the facing of the casement window. Reinstall.
  7. Lubricate any areas of the window track needed.
  8. Clean the window again on the outside once installed.

Repairing screen only

  1. If only a screen is damaged, it is not necessary to remove the combination.
  2. Find the end of the rubber moulding and gently remove it.
  3. Remove the screen and cut a new screen using the old one as a pattern.
  4. Replace and push back into the moulding.
  5. If moulding is old, worn out or brittle, replace it.

If your windows are too damaged to be repaired, follow the steps below to replace them entirely

Replacing windows

  1. Clean and repair any damage to the casement window before reinstalling combination storm windows.
  2. Measure windows. Measure the old combination for exact size or measure the existing window opening.
  3. Write down the correct measurements and the number of windows needed. Go to your local hardware store and provide your specifications. Pick out your windows.
  4. Ensure windows fit before applying caulking or making any trimming marks on them. If they do not fit and you have marked or cut them, they cannot be returned to the store.
  5. If your new windows do not have pre-drilled holes, drill holes in them 10-16 inches apart. See to it that you have screws at the top and bottom corners and each side centre.
  6. More than six screws may be needed depending on the window’s size.
  7. Centre the storm window from side to side and bottom to top.
  8. Apply the caulk and screw to secure the window.
  9. To finish, run a small bead of caulk around the edge of the window, side to side and bottom to top. Do not caulk over the weep holes at the bottom of the window as they allow air ventilation.

Tips and Warnings

  • Before repairing your storm windows ensure that maintenance are up to par. Clean the windows with a garden hose before you start working.
  • Work in a comfortable space, free from foot traffic and disturbances.