How to Repair Carpet

The carpet in your living room is your centerpiece. Yet everyday it takes a lot of wear and tear. What will you do if it gets stained or burned by a cigarette? Before you think of buying a new one, you can try repairing the carpet by yourself. You can save a lot of money and be proud of yourself!

The most common damage are stains from spilled juice or wine and cigarette burns.

Removing Stains from Carpet

The ease or difficulty with which you can remove the stain depends on the source of stain and its color. The color of your carpet and whether it has been treated with stain master is also important. If you spill grape juice on light colored carpet which has not been treated, the stain may never be removed. Still, it is best to try to attend to the stain at once. Use blotting action with a paper towel or kitchen towel to absorb the liquid.

Vacuuming the spot can help to eliminate liquid or moisture from the carpet. Carpet cleaners that shampoos or deep cleanses carpets are a good investment.

Removing Cigarette Burns

If only the ends of the carpet fibers are burned, you can trim off the burnt fiber using a small pair of sharp scissors. Use a mild detergent solution to sponge the area and rinse with clean water. The burn shouldn’t be visible anymore after drying.

If the burnt area is large, you need to cut it out and replace with a piece of the same carpet. You will need carpet scraps, small sharp scissors, utility knife, and double-face carpet tape or latex carpet adhesive If you kept remnants when your carpet was installed, this will come handy. If you have no scrap carpet, you will need to cut carpet from a hidden spot like the back of a cabinet.

Cut out a square or rectangular piece of carpet a little larger than the burnt area. Its design must be similar to the pattern in the spot that you will replace. The pile must run in the same direction.

Hold the scrap firmly over the damaged area. Using a sharp utility knife, cut around the edges of the carpet area that need to be replaced. Cut through the backing, but not into the carpet padding.

Lift off the whole damaged area after it has been cut off. Check your patch for fit, trimming the edges as necessary to have an exact fit with the whole. To affix the patch, you can use either a double-faced carpet tape, or an adhesive applied to the padding on the patch and the hole. You can press the patch down with a book or something heavy to make sure it stays in place. If you do this properly, the damage will not show.