How to Repair Cracked Engine Blocks

An engine block holds the cylinders of a car’s combustion engine. This is often made of cast metal. It protects the parts of the engine itself. This often obtains cracks obtained from automobile accidents.


Metal Stitching


Most people prefer to metal stitch cracked engine blocks. In metal stitching, or simply metal locking, a crack in the engine block is fixed without welding.

Metal stitching is an easy and cost effective method. You can metal stitch a cracked engine block with the use of stitching pins. Most stitching pins or bolts are made up of dowels, tapered rods, threaded rods, copper plating, or zinc plating.

If you fix your cracked engine block by metal stitching, you should use a metal stitching kit. This kit is comprised of all the bits and pieces you need to carry out a good metal stitch and fix an engine block. A complete kit is available in a number of specialty shops.

To fix a cracked engine block by metal stitching, you will need a hammer, drill bit, or torque wrench to place a stitch within the crack. Particular types of stitches with shoulders are incorporated in some kits. These shoulders enable you to drive a stitch into the casting so the threads do not show at the exterior. Stitches with shoulders allow you to get a good-looking finish. Perfect metal-to-metal finishes are easy to get done.




Some metal stitching kits will require you to apply some type of sealant or epoxy.

Follow the directions to mix the substances for epoxies. Apply it in a rough shape on the crack. Let it settle. Do some cosmetic finishing by filing the putty so it doesn’t protrude. You can do this by using sand paper or a similar material.

Some epoxy compounds will seal cracks in multiple substances. Certain epoxies can be used in making pressure proof repair, in irregular areas, or in some recesses that are hard to fix using other methods.


Note on Welding


If your car has a cracked engine block, don’t go directly to a mechanic and have it welded. The notion that such a situation is best dealt with by welding it is not usually true. Welding an engine block can bring more damage in the long run. Welding an engine block should only be done when there are holes in it, instead of cracks.