Damaged Tree Bark

A tree’s bark serves as a protective cover around its stems and roots. The bark also plays a major role in sending nutrients from the tree’s roots to its stems and leaves. If you have trees in your property, you should be keen in recognizing when tree bark damage happens.

Tree bark damage can happen because of several reasons. The most common of which is when strong winds and storms directly affect your trees. These elements can severely tear the bark of a tree and may even lead to the tree’s death.

If you see that your tree’s bark has been damaged after a storm, firmly put the dislocated bark back in place. To ensure that it will not be dislodged again, use a strapping tape or duct tape. These materials will hold the bark in place even in damp and moist conditions.

Take down notes regarding the damage. Mark on your calendar the date when and what repair procedures were done. After three months, check on the bark if it has fully healed. If not, put a new piece of duct tape on the bark and check again after two to three months. On the other hand, if the bark is fully healed, you can carefully remove the tape. It can kill the tree if this tape is not removed.

Snow can also damage the bark of your tree. Too much snow that accumulates on your tree will damage its bark. Your tree cannot bear so much weight of snow. During the winter season, you need to regularly remove snow from the tree. You should remember to brush upward to lessen the chance of injuring the tree’s bark.