How to Repair A Tree

Trees are woody plants with branches attached to the main trunk. There are several kinds of trees, each susceptible to a certain kind of damage. These damages are often caused by the environment. When a tree gets injured, it takes a lot more than its own healing ability to restore itself to its former glory.

The first thing to do is to assess the extent of the damage on the tree. There is a different method of addressing each type of damage. If you fail to get to the tree on time or if you fail to recognize the damage, the tree may die. After identifying the kind of damage, make sure you have enough knowledge as well as the proper tools.

Several types of tree damage can be repaired successfully without professional help.


Bark Repair


When a portion of the bark is torn or removed, you must replace it. Try to collect parts of the damaged bark if it is still possible. You cannot leave the wound open. You have to seal it off with bark.

1. Remove the bark from the damaged area.

2. Close the wound with fresh bark.

3. Bandage the wound and allow it to heal. It takes some time for the bark to stick to the tree. Commercially available tree sealing products could limit the natural ability of the tree to heal. These are adhesives that make the replacement bark stick to the tree. However, it could limit the natural healing process.


Branch Replacement


When branches get torn off the tree, you can employ the grafting method.

1. Clean the area you will get the graft from.

2. Take a replacement branch (preferably from a similar tree) and bandage it to the stump.

Extensive tree repair may require the use of heavy equipment. If you do not have the equipment and the skill to use it, ask for professional help to save the tree.