How to Repair Your Trampoline

Mat Damaged by the Sun

  1. Cover the damaged spots entirely with a durable tape such as duct tape. This can only be done on small damages to the mat, not on big areas.
  2. If the damage is big, you have to replace the whole mat. Place a cautionary notice for everyone to see to prevent them from the using the trampoline until you have replaced it.
  3. Get a new, durable mat to replace the damaged one. Read the manual carefully for details. Along with some help, remove the old mat. Grasp a spring and pull the mat in your direction. Unfasten the end of the spring from the insulated washer of rubber in the mat, leaving the other end in the frame. Others should be performing this at other areas.
  4. When the mat is totally free from the springs, remove and dispose of the mat. To install the new mat, reverse the procedure.
  5. When not in use, cover the trampoline to protect it from damage caused by the weather as well as dirt and other debris.

Broken Spring

  1. The function of the spring is to secure the mat of the trampoline to the metal frame. If even only one spring breaks or is out of condition, it must be replaced immediately.
  2. The new spring has to be of the precise diameter and length of the original broken one. Thus, you will have to measure one of the good ones before buying a new one.
  3. Glide the tip of the spring out of the eyelet hole in the mat following through until the other end of the spring is taken out. Then put in the end of the new spring into the mat, then pull the spring out and attach the other end into the frame.

Trampoline Hops When in Use

When you set up the trampoline without locking it securely to the ground, the trampoline will “hop” when used.

  1. This problem can be remedied by attaching long metal anchors with straps to secure the tubular frame so the trampoline won’t hop. This also prevents the trampoline from turning over on windy days.