How to Restore a Military Vehicle

Military vehicles can be transport or combat vehicles. They are usually built sturdier than ordinary vehicles. This is because they are designed to withstand rough use in bumpy, muddy, rocky, or sandy terrain. Due to the rigorous situations in which the vehicle is operated, it is not surprising that it should sustain damage during its usage.

You will need a number of tools to restore a damaged or old military vehicle. The kind of tools depends on the kind of military vehicle and the specific parts that need to be restored. If the paint or coating of the vehicle is the only one that needs to have a major restoration, you will only need paint or coating.

If the internal parts of the vehicle need to be restored, assess whether you need to replace the damaged parts or if you need to have the whole vehicle overhauled.

Restoring a Dilapidated Military Vehicle

  1. Strip the old paint. If it is not to difficult to remove the paint, you can do this manually. However, if this is not possible, you can use either an electric vibrator or a sandblaster. Remove the paint on both the frame and the internal sections and parts to create a neat and uniform look.
  2. Check the radiator fins of the vehicle. If they are crooked, straighten them using your hands and small tools.
  3. Dilapidated military vehicles will usually have corrosions all over their body. You should carefully check the parts for corrosion. Replace all corroded parts.
  4. Remake or repair the seats and interior flooring. If the seats or flooring are damaged, you can simply eliminate the old and damaged ones and replace them with a new set. If the seats or flooring cannot be easily removed from the vehicle, contact a professional mechanic or car restoration specialists.
  5. If at any time you are not comfortable with doing the restoration on your own, contact professionals to make sure the restoration is done properly.