How to Skateboard

A skateboard is a platform placed on four wheels. It is used by people to travel by using one leg to gain momentum. Once enough momentum is gathered, people can balance themselves on the board and ride on it.

The hobby has evolved into an extreme sport. Athletes try to do a number of tricks on the skateboard, including riding on ramps and pipes.


Gearing Up


Purchase or borrow a skateboard. Choose one you are comfortable with. Make sure the board can hold your weight and is sturdy enough to withstand use.

Safety gear should also be purchased. Skateboarding can cause some accidents. Some of the common items used are kneepads, elbow pads, and helmets. Make sure to also wear comfortable clothing, particularly pants or shorts that will not snag on the board. You should also use comfortable shoes. There are specialty sneakers sold especially for skateboarding, but any comfortable and durable shoes can be used.


Tips for First Time Skateboarders


Take time to become comfortable with your skateboard. Feel how the wheels spin and how the board leans. Start skating on the sidewalk or your driveway.

  1. Find an open area that is free from vehicular traffic. An area with level ground and few obstructions is best. Make sure there are also few pedestrians you can collide with.
  2. Position your front foot at an angle about 2 inches from the front of the board.
  3. Position your back foot in the direction where you want to go and push at a speed that is comfortable to you.
  4. Once the board has gotten enough momentum, slowly place your back foot at an angle near the back of the board. Balance yourself on the board.
  5. Try bending your knees and you will feel that you can turn and balance better.
  6. If you want to turn, shift your weight to one side of the board, towards the direction where you desire to go.
  7. If you wish to stop, push your back foot to the ground and pull up the nose of your skateboard, and scrape the tail against the ground.


Practice Makes Perfect


Once you have mastered the basics of skateboarding, you can learn more complicated stunts and tricks.

  1. Watch skateboarding videos in slow motion. The best way to learn a new trick is by observing it again and again. You could also learn by looking at sequence photos.
  2. Get someone to teach you. You can get lessons from a professional or ask a friend who has been skateboarding longer.

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