How to Stop Radiator Leaks

Radiator leaks are not hard to miss. A leak of any size, whether big or small, a slit or a hole, will surely weep, drip, or spray coolant. The loss of coolant often leads to engine overheating which can lead to more damage if the leak is not found and fixed. Fortunately, leaks are usually easily fixed with a sealer. Here is a quick step-by-step guide on how to fix small radiator leaks.

Materials Needed

  • Duct tape
  • Ground black pepper
  • Steps to Stop a Radiator Leak

    1. Locate the leakage. Its location along with its severity will determine if the radiator leak can be saved with a quick fix or a trip to the garage.
    2. If the leak is from the hose, you can use a duct tape to patch it up. The tape can hold up the leak for approximately one week. This should give you time to purchase a new hose and change the damaged one.
    3. If the leak is in the radiator, remove the radiator cap and add one to two teaspoons of ground black pepper. Ground pepper bores into the hole. It also swells up when water touches it. Make sure that the radiator has cooled down before removing the cap.
    4. Replace the radiator cap once it has been filled with water up to the appropriate level.
    5. Carry extra pepper and a jug of water when driving out as it may be necessary to add more pepper and water in the radiator.Set a schedule with a mechanic to give your radiator a permanent fix. Inform the mechanic of the temporary steps you have taken to stop the leak.