How to Surf Using Proxies with Internet Explorer

A proxy server is used to surf the World Wide Web unidentified. Users often forward the connection to another computer or website. Instead of the user’s IP address showing up on the servers, the IP address of the proxy server is seen. Proxies can come in the forms of programs or websites.

A URL or Uniform Resource Locator is the exclusive address for a file that you can access easily on the Internet. An IP or Internet Protocol address is a kind of URL used by specified electronic mechanisms that communicate with other machines on the Internet using the Internet Protocol.

The Internet Explorer (IE) is a web browser from Microsoft. When users surf the Web straight from IE, the IP address of the user will be seen. A proxy server can be used with IE to hide the user’s IP address. It does this by using the proxy’s instead.

Steps to Surf Using Proxies with Internet Explorer

    Choose a proxy server depending on your needs. You can use either a program or a website proxy. Check if it is compatible with your web browser and Internet connection.

      If you choose a program, follow the instructions for installation. Each program has its own directions. You can check the help file that comes with the program or the developer’s website.
    • If you choose a web proxy, simply go to the URL and type in the URL of the website you want to go to.
    • You can also set up your own proxy by obtaining webspace. Choose a host that supports cgi (common gateway interface) and php (scripting for websites). This makes sure you can view most programming and design used in websites.

  1. The server you chose may not support all scripts of the site you want to go to. Some functions of the website may not work. If you encounter these problems, try using another proxy server.
  2. A firewall or other programs may also block the proxy. You can check the settings of your computer security software to see if access is blocked. If it is, unblock access.
  3. To make the settings for Internet Explorer, go to Tools, and proceed to Internet Options. Go to Connection, then LAN Settings. Go to Proxy Server. Activate the proxy server by checking on the box.
  4. Put in the address and the port of the proxy server. This data is available from the proxy server website or program you are going to use.