How to Throw a Cast Net

Cast netting is a method of fishing. It involves using a net with weights tied to it. The net is thrown into a river or lake and is retrieved by a line tied to the fisher’s arm. You can catch shrimp, fish, and other animals with this technique.

The net has weights attached all along its perimeter. The weights make sure that the net stays down in the water. It also has a main rope attached to the center of the net. This is used to recover the net from the water. The lead line refers to the line of weights attached to the bottom of the net.


Here are the Steps to Throw A Cast Net


  1. Make a loop at the end of the main rope. This loop is for the wrist. You can use whichever wrist you are comfortable with. This will be needed for reeling in the net after you throw it.
  2. Loop the rest of the line on your wrist so the net can be recovered easily. Check if the net hangs straight. Make sure none of the weights is tangled. You can then hold the whole net 1/3 of its way down.
  3. Kneel and place your foot forward. If you are holding the net with your right hand, put your left foot forward. Just do the opposite if you are left-handed. Pull one loop across your elbow without pulling in the hand that holds the net.
  4. Lay the lead line over your thigh. Continue in a clockwise or counter-clockwise fashion until about half of the net is supported on your thigh. Put the pinky of the opposite hand through the mesh of the first lead line on your thigh. Hold the mesh of the net between your thumb and the first two fingers.
  5. Stand up and prepare to throw the net.
  6. The wind-up is an essential part of the throw. First, put your foot forwardo on the side of the hand that is not holding the net. Shift your weight back a little bit. Rotate to the side so that the net is hanging from it. As you swing forward, shift your weight as well. The throw will be similar in motion to a sling. The net will then leave your hands and arm naturally.
  7. At first, your aim or the distance of your throw might be wrong. Practice throwing so that you can get better.