How to Throw a Casting Net

A casting net is a type of fishing net that is thrown out over the water. Once it is thrown, it sinks and eventually catches fish beneath it while it is falling in the water. The net has weights attached to its edges, making sure it sinks properly. It also has a line attached to it so that it can be recovered properly.


Steps in Throwing a Casting Net


  1. Locate the end part of the net’s hand line and create a wrist loop in it. Place the loop above your right wrist. If you are left-handed, use your left wrist.
  2. Loop the rest of the line around your right hand to collect it.
  3. Check the net to make sure it is hanging straight. Then clutch the net about one-third of the way down.
  4. Grasp the lead line using both of your hands. See to it that it is not tangled or twisted. A twisted lead line will prevent you from making a smooth cast.
  5. Do a complete counterclockwise cast. Gather the entire net in one hand with the weights hanging down. Swing the net like a sling, up and out into the water.
  6. If you are ready to cast in the net, use the line looped around your hand.

Remember to perform these steps regularly as a practice. Your yard is the best area to practice throwing your casting net. The distance you would cover as well as the smoothness of your cast will increase significantly, as you become more familiar with the procedures.