How to Tie a Sarong

A sarong is a rectangular piece of cloth. It is often wrapped around the waist as a skirt. It is traditionally used by both men and women in South Asia. It is often brightly colored and can come in a wide range of designs and different woven threads. Modern sarongs are often used at the beach as cover up for bikinis or as blankets to lie down on. They are versatile pieces which can be worn in a variety of ways.


Wearing a Sarong as a Skirt


  • Drape the sarong around your waist or hips.
  • Hold the two top corners of the sarong and make a knot by looping one end above or under the other. Pull the ends tight.
  • Knot it again to ensure it is safe in place.
  • Plump up the tie such that the knot looks good and the right side of your sarong is visible. You may put the tie at the back, front, or side, depending on the style that you desire.
  • You can also tuck the ends of the tie under the fabric to hide the knot.
  • You can adjust the length of the skirt by simply folding the fabric in half for preferred measurement lengthwise before tying.
  • The sarong will often have a gap where it is tied. You can pin the gap closed or leave it open.


Wearing a Sarong as a Dress


  • Drape the fabric just above the chest.
  • Tie a knot with the top edges of the fabric.
  • You may wear it on its own as a tube dress.
  • You may also use it over swimwear with the gap open. You can choose to pin the gap or leave it open.


Wearing a Sarong as a Top


  • Follow the directions above but change the length of the sarong by folding down before tying.
  • Fold the fabric into a 5-inch to 7-inch broad strip and drape around the chest.
  • Make a knot in the front or back to make a bandeau-style top. Tie and tuck the knot underneath the fabric.


Other Uses


  • Fold the fabric into a lean 3-inch wide strip and then wrap around the head as a headband. You can also wear it over a hat as additional decoration. Simply drape the sarong over your neck or shoulder to wear it as a shawl. Place the sarong over a table to use it as a tablecloth.
  • Gather both ends of the long part of the sarong and tie them securely. Place it around your body to use as a baby sling.
  • Place the sarong on curtain rods or tack it to the wall to be used as a curtain or wall hanging.