How to Truss a Chicken

Trussing a chicken is done by tying or securing the bird using twine or skewers. This maintains the shape of the chicken while cooking and makes it easier to carve. A trussed chicken retains moisture and cooks more evenly.

There are two ways of trussing a chicken. You can use heatproof butcher twine or skewers. Skewers can be made of metal or bamboo.


Trussing a Chicken with Twine


  1. Remove the chicken from the packaging. Take out the giblets from the cavity, if there are any. You can use these for gravy or other recipes.
  2. Clean the chicken with water. Dry it with a paper towel, and place it on the chopping board with its breast side up.
  3. Cut a piece of twine about three feet long.
  4. Run the twine under the legs. Pull the twine to pull the legs together.
  5. Cross the twine around the breast, and run it under the wings.
  6. Draw the twine back to the breast, and knot it tightly.
  7. Cut off the excess twine and cook your chicken.


Trussing a Chicken with Skewers


  1. Lay the chicken breast side down, on the cutting board.
  2. Secure the wings close to the body and insert a skewer in each one.
  3. Drive a skewer through the skin of both legs to keep them together.
  4. Pull down the skin around the neck to the opening of the cavity if you are going to stuff the chicken. Then, you can cook it.

Remember to remove the trussing before you serve the chicken!