How to Use a Tube Turkey Call

Whether you’re a hunter or just love to play around, learning how to use a tube turkey call is easy. You just need to get the following things ready.

Required Tools and Materials

  • PVC pipe (3/4 of an inch)
  • Sandpaper
  • Saw (any type)
  • Plastic lid
  • Rubber band
  • Glove (latex)
  • Camouflage tape
  • Scissors
  • Pen or pencil
  • Glue or other adhesive

Step 1

If the PVC pipe is not yet cut to size, slice it to ¾ of an inch. Now take the sandpaper and apply it to both ends of the pipe. Make sure you apply enough so any rough parts are removed.

Step 2

Place the pipe on the plastic lid. To use a tube turkey call, use the pen to outline the lid’s shape on the pipe. Now slice that shape with the scissors. Try to cut along the lines as accurately as possible. Now slice the circle in the middle.

Step 3

Apply some adhesive on the half circle. Put it on the end of the PVC pipe. Apply some more of the sandpaper around the corners. Finally you can add the tape across the PVC.

Step 4

Get the latex glove and make an incision in it. Make it a 2 in sq size. Take the latex and set it on the pipe. Apply the latex on the opposite end of the plastic lid you created. To use a tube turkey call, you should allow for some space between it.

Step 5

Get the rubber band. Place it around the pipe. The rubber band must also cover the part of the latex.

Step 6

In order to make the call, do the following. Place the lid sided pipe on your lower lip. Blow between the space you made at the latex and plastic cover.

Tips and Warnings

Besides the PVC pipe, you can use a film container instead.

Be careful when you create these sounds. If the device is well made, hunters might mistake you for a real creature. If there are several people with you, they could end up hunting for you. When you use a tube turkey call, make sure everyone in the party knows what you are going to do.

Practice is essential to using the device properly. Take some time and study the sounds the animal makes. They make numerous sounds. All of these can be made by the device. You just need to familiarize yourself with it. The creatures utilize different sounds depending on their actions. To get the most from the device, learn their habits. That way, you’ll be able to make the sounds at the right time.

For the right sound effects, move your lips when you blow. Say the word “tick” while adjusting the lower and upper lips. The same technique is used for making other sounds like “gobble”, “kee kee” and cluck”.

Understanding how to use a tube turkey call is essential for hunters. If you are going to use one, just spend some time practicing. In time, you’ll get it right.