How to Write a Business Letter

Learning how to write business letters can help you gain more associates and increase your chance of succeeding in any business venture.

Steps to Write a Business Letter

  1. At the top of the letter, place the name, position, and address of the person you are writing to.
  2. Leave two spaces and write the date. An alternative is to write the date two spaces above the name of the addressee.
  3. Leave two spaces and write the salutation. You can use Mr. for men and Ms. for women. If the person has a specific designation such as a doctor, you need to use the appropriate title.
  4. At the first paragraph of the body of the letter, state your reason for writing.
  5. At the second paragraph, state any request you may have, or any action you wish the person would take.
  6. Close the body of the letter by thanking the person.
  7. After the body, use a closing statement such as “Yours faithfully”.
  8. Leave four spaces and write your full name, and below it your title.
  9. Place your signature between the closing statement and your name.

Here are a few things to remember while writing a business letter.

  • Generally, you should use block style, and avoid indenting the paragraphs.
  • Immediately state your reason for writing. Do not make long introductions and unnecessary remarks. Avoid using shortened verb forms. For instance, use “will not” instead of “won’t”.
  • Keep your letter neat. If you are using a pen to write it, make sure that the pen is writing smoothly. If you are using a computer to type and print the letter, ensure that the ink of the printer is in good condition.