Job Transfer Letter

A job transfer letter is a formal request for a change in position or work location. This is made by employees and is addressed to their immediate superiors or the Human Resources Department. The letter explains and justifies why it is important and beneficial for the company to allow the employee to transfer.

To write an effective job transfer letter, determine your current situation and your starting point. This will get you focused on the task.

Understand the job you are transferring to. If you are writing a job transfer letter as a response to another job opening in your company, include the following in your letter:

  • your purpose for writing – keep it as straightforward as possible;
  • your abilities and experience – highlight the ones related to the job you are applying for;
  • acknowledge the company – do this but do not exaggerate it; and
  • your reason for moving – state it directly and honestly.

On the other hand, if you are writing a job transfer letter due to a personal reason, you should include the following points:

  • your reason for requesting a transfer – be as direct as possible;
  • your commitment to the company and your desire to stay with them;
  • your skills and expertise which you will bring with you in the new position;
  • a brief expression of appreciation for what the company has done for you; and
  • a proposal for a transition plan which may include orienting and training a person who would take your position.

Always use the right choice of words. Avoid sounding arrogant. Focus on the company and its benefits. An effective job transfer letter is able to convince the employer that the transfer is beneficial to all parties involved.