How to Write a Love Letter

Many people often get confused when trying to express their deep feelings for someone. Just being in the same room with that person may very well be too much to handle. So how then can you tell someone that you love them without actually saying it to them face to face? Why not sit down in the privacy of your home or wherever you feel comfortable and write a letter to let that special someone how you feel. It doesn’t have to be long just write exactly how you feel. It can be really simple lets write your letter together.

Required Materials

  • Classy Pen (Fountain Pen would be an asset)
  • Acid – Free Paper
  • Postage Stamps
  • Wax Seals
  • Perfume
  • Poetry Books


  1. Choose Materials Wisely – You want to pick materials that will help convey the mood of love to that special someone. I wouldn’t recommend the regular office stationery as it may turn your reader away from your letter. Try to at least get elegant looking paper so that if you do end up using the same office pen it still sends the same message.
  2. Start writing in a friendly tone – Try to begin your letter with something that says exactly what you are about. Consider using My dearest or To the Love of my Life over Dear Sirs or To whom it may concern. Please ensure that you know the correct name of this person on the paper as this small detail says a lot about you.
  3. Don’t hold back – Be you! Express yourself to the max. There is no set format for writing your letter, you can fell free to use the language you are most comfortable with or any “nick names” you might have for each other.
  4. Stay Focused – Try to stick to the point at hand. If you find yourself straying or running out of material feel free to take a break until you get back into a romantic mood. Under no circumstance should you resort to a play by play of your last doctor’s appointment or the annoying co-worker. Keep the purpose of the letter in the back of your mind at all times.
  5. Close your letter tenderly – As with the opening your want to keep choose your words wisely. This will be the last thing your loved ones read and will more than likely something they remember so consider using poetic phases like “ Your abased servant” instead of “Yours truly”.