How to Write an Autobiography

An autobiography is a person’s life story narrated or written by the person himself. Celebrities and controversial figures often publish and release autobiographies due to the public’s interest in their lives. People who have led extraordinary lives with fascinating experiences can also get their autobiographies published.



The Role of Technique


Technique serves as an outline giving structure to your autobiography. For you to come up with a neat and organized autobiography, you should answer the following questions:

  • What do you want to share to the world?
  • Are there specific milestones or events in your life that you would want to talk about? What are they?
  • What changes have you gone through?
  • How have you helped or touched people’s lives?
  • Where or how would your story end?

By answering the above questions, you will have an easier time organizing your autobiography.


Four Things to Remember


  1. To write a good autobiography, you need to remember your past. Recall specific experiences and their impact on your life.
  2. Discuss and describe the places and locations involved in your autobiography in the most exact and clear manner. This will help you to connect with the imagination of your readers.
  3. Choose your own style or theme in discussing your life story. You can choose to talk directly to the reader and use colloquial terms. You can also choose to remain formal. Pick a style you are comfortable with so that you can tell your story clearly.
  4. Describe the other characters included in your autobiography. Readers may not be familiar with the other people in your life so make sure you give enough details.


Check Your Journals


If you kept journals or diaries, they will be helpful in reminding you of details for your autobiography. The entries written here will greatly help you in recalling important things, places, persons, and events.