Judges Paneling

Judges paneling is a kind of material used for walls. It is called ‘Judges Paneling’ because it mimics the look of the panels in a courthouse. The panels are made of wood with raised parts. The primary design uses rectangular shapes and 90 degree angles. This kind of panels can be applied to walls, ceilings, and doors. It can also be used in pieces of furniture.

You can find judges paneling in home improvement shops and hardware stores. There are also online sites where you can order this type of material. It comes in a wide array of styles and designs and you can specify the measurements of the paneling you need.

Judges paneling can be installed in a solid and unfinished wall. If your wall is ready, you begin by cutting the judges paneling you have acquired. You may have determined the measurements of your wall before buying your paneling, but you will probably still have to make a few cuts.

Place the paneling at the correct angle on the wall. Apply an x-shaped mark of carpenter’s glue on the paneling and firmly put it against the wall. Use six finished nails to secure the paneling on the wall. Sink the nails with an awl. Perform the same steps on the other walls of the room. If your paneling fails to cover the entire wall, you may use jam extensions to fill the gaps.

To clean judges paneling, use a smooth cloth to wipe dust. You can use commercial cleaners for hard-to-remove stains. Refer to the package of the panels to know which types of cleaners should not be applied on them.