Tree Bark Repair

Tree bark is the skin that protects the tree. It can be damaged by natural causes like lightning and storms. Humans can also cause tree bark damage by wounding it with a lawn mover, trimmer, or other machinery.

Damaged tree bark should be repaired immediately. Torn bark exposes underneath tissues to infection. Insects may hide in the exposed areas. This could lead to the eventual death of the tree.

There are two ways of repairing damaged tree bark. It may be done by re-attaching the severed tree bark. If the bark has been completely destroyed or lost, you would need to clean cut the wound.


Reattaching Damaged Tree Bark


If you can still find the separated tree bark, collect as much of it as you can. Re-attach to the portion from where it was cut. Duct tape is recommended because it can hold even under wet conditions. Make sure you replace the bark in the same direction it had before it came off. This will ensure continuous flow of nutrients in the tissues.

Record the date you repaired the bark. You need to remove the duct tape after three months. If you forget to take off the duct tape, this will stifle the growth of the tree.


Repairing Without Bark


If the bark has was lost or totally destroyed, cut the off the edges of the damaged area. Use a sharp knife or razor blade to trim the affected area. Cut and shape it into an ellipse, or like an eye socket. This will prevent insects from hiding in the wound, which will cause further damage to the tree. This will also encourage fast healing with minimum damage.

If you repair damaged tree bark properly, your tree will completely be healed in one year. You may not even notice that any damage has taken place.